Conquer the distance with these apps

Conquer the distance with these apps

Before you read this article, this is not a cheesy take-on matter on how couples survive in long distance relationships. Instead, we give you ways on how couples, with the help of smartphones and apps, can make distance NOT matter.

Couple App

WIth Couple, you can share your lists (like things to do when you meet up), draw together or send drawing and they have this thing called “thumb kiss” which is, according to one user, is “...disgustingly cheesy,  but admittedly fun.” It also has this “secret photos” that let you send photos (could be NSFW!) and it disappears with time.


Couple Tracker

This app absolutely made me smile and cringe. This is like going into your partner’s phone-- you could see call history and messages, even if those are deleted. Talk about ultimate transparency. Stitch up those clues because it also got a GPS that tracks the location of your partner. You need each others’ permission to view your activities! Sigh! Let technology help you build trust.


Netflix Party

Not really an app, but a Chrome extension so you could watch movies together! What could be more fun and intimate than that! You both install the extension, and either of you invite the other person to watch. So cool. So bring on the popcorn, pop some bottles of wine, and enjoy!

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Let’s get this straight, more than not seeing each other for long periods of time, you also have to suffer from lack of ‘action’. Oh well, here is a solution-- a vibrator that could be controlled remotely. Vibrator speed and ‘gyration’ can be controlled by three different modes, and you can also video call each other.



A little bit of self-promotion here (ehem!). Haha. If you don’t have any clue what to give your SO, Giftpack’s gifting assistant will work through your budget and time, and give you the perfect gifting experience. If you already have an idea in mind, then it has on-demand gifting that can run errands for you! Other services get you from point A to point B, but Giftpack lets you customize the journey. Really feels like you’re there.

Long-distance relationships could be tricky, as you both live in different worlds and lead different routines and lifestyles. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Share your life, stay in sync, and make each other happy will surely lead you to close that gap.